En-bloc Transplantation: an Eligible Technique for Unilateral Dual Kidney Transplantation

M Salehipour, A Bahador, S Nikeghbalian, K Kazemi, AR Shamsaeifar, S Ghaffaripour, MA Sahmeddini, H Salahi, A Bahreini, P Janghorban, S Gholami, SA Malek-Hosseini


Background: Kidney transplantation is the best available treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease.

Objective: To evaluate the en bloc anastomosis technique for unilateral dual kidney transplantation (DKT). Methods: From May to October 2011, 5 patients (4 women and 1 man) with mean age of 31.8 years underwent unilateral DKT with this technique in which distal end of the aorta and proximal end of inferior vena cava (IVC) were closed with running sutures. Then, proximal end of the aorta and distal end of the IVC were anastomosed to internal (or external) iliac artery and external iliac vein, respectively.

Results: Post-operative course was uneventful. No vascular and urologic complications developed; all patient had acceptable serum creatinine at discharge time and up of 2–6 months of post-operation follow up.

Conclusion: Unilateral DKT is a safe method for performing DKT. The proposed en bloc anastomosis can improve the outcome of the graft by reducing the cold ischemia and the operation time.


Kidney transplantation; En-bloc transplantation; Dual kidney transplantation; Expanded criteria donor

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