The First Hand Transplantation in Iran

A Kalantar Hormozi, F Firouzi, M Yavari, E Arasteh, K Najafizadeh, F Rashid Farokhi


Nowadays, hand transplantation is a very challenging procedure for surgeons and researchers worldwide. Despite many problems that may occur after this surgery, some centers continue to practice this highly sophisticated procedure. Herein, we report on a 38-year-old man who received hand transplant from a 24-year-old brain-dead man. This patient had lost his right hand from the lower one-third of forearm six years before after a trauma from a mincing machine. Team members organized pre-operative research, cadaver dissection, legal consultation, religious permission and discussion to patient. This procedure was done by 15 Khordad Plastic Surgery Transplant team on February 27, 2013 for the first time in Iran.


Hand; hand transplant; Iran; composite tissue allotransplantation; allotransplant; forearm amputation

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