Knowledge and Attitude of Iranian Physicians towards Organ and Tissue Donation

M Salmani Nadoushan, B Nozary Heshmati, A Shabanzadeh Pirsaraee, I Salmani Nodoushan, R Jafari Nadoushan, F Yazdi


Background: Nowadays, organ transplantation is the treatment of choice for end-stage organ failure, which increases the importance of organ procurement. It seems that the attitude towards organ donation and transplantation affects people’s satisfaction. Moreover, health care personnel, especially physicians, should be familiar with transplantation rules and standards. It seems that understanding the knowledge and attitude of this group can affect the transplantation center policies.

Objective: To assess knowledge and attitude of a group of Iranian physicians towards organ and tissue donation.

Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 560 Iranian physicians including nephrologists, urologists and internists were asked to fill out a validated questionnaire containing their demographics, knowledge and attitude towards organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Results: Of 560 participants, 435 (78%) agreed with organ donation after death and 285 (51%) agreed with living kidney donation. The most common reason provided by those who agreed with donation was “helping people” whereas the most common cause of disagreement was “to honor the body.” Only 32 (6%) physicians had no knowledge about transplantation rules. Complete awareness about theoretical basis and financial issues of transplantation was observed in 265 (47%) and 221 (40%) participants, respectively.

Conclusion: Physicians had a good attitude towards organ and tissue transplantation although less than half of them had knowledge of transplantation rules and its theoretical basis and financial issues; therefore, additional awareness and education of physicians is needed in all areas of the organ donation process in Iran.


Attitude; Knowledge; Physicians; Organ donation; Organ transplantation; Tissue and organ procurement; Health personnel; Health knowledge, attitudes, practice

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