Ex-vivo Resection and Small-Bowel Auto-transplantation for the Treatment of Tumors at the Root of the Mesentery

S Nikeghbalian, M Aliakbarian, K Kazemi, AR Shamsaeefar, SH Mehdi, A Bahreini, SA Malek-Hosseini


Background: Tumors involving the root of the mesentery are generally regarded as “unresectable” with conventional surgical techniques. Resection with conventional surgery may end in life-threatening complications in these patients. Ex-vivo resection and auto-transplantation avoids excessive bleeding and prevents ischemic related damage to the small intestine and other organs.

Objective: To share our experience of ex-vivo resection of the tumors with involvement of small bowel mesentery followed by small bowel auto-transplantation.

Methods: In this study, medical records of all the patients who underwent ex-vivo resection and autotransplantation at our center were retrospectively analyzed.

Results: The most common indication for the procedure in our series was locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma. Our survival rate was 50% with a mean±SD follow-up of 10.1±9.8 (range: 0–26) months. Causes of early in-hospital mortality were multi-organ failure, sepsis, and cerebrovascular accident. Recurrence of disease was noted in one patient while one patient developed hepatic metastasis after 20 months of surgery.

Conclusion: Ex-vivo resection of the tumor and auto-transplantation is the surgical treatment of choice for the locally advanced abdominal tumors involving the root of the mesentery.


Ex-vivo resection; Intestine, small; Auto-transplantation; Mesentery; Neoplasms; Mesentery; Auto-transplantation; Mortality

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