Attitudes of Turkish Medical and Law Students towards the Organ Donation


Background: Attitudes of medical and law personnel towards organ donation are very important.

Objective: To compare the attitudes of the medical and law students towards organ donation.

Methods: 498 students in the 1st and 4th grades of the medical and law faculties of Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey, in 2011–12 academic year, were included in this study. A questionnaire consisting of 31 questions on socio-demographic characteristics of the students and their attitudes towards organ donation and transplantation was administered to the participants.

Results: The percentage of the students who donated organs was 1%. Approximately, 48% of the medical students and 34% of the law students stated that they think to donate organs. The percentage of the students with a positive attitude towards organ donation was found significantly higher among the medical students than the law students, and higher among the 4th grade compared to the 1st grade.

Conclusion: The percentages of the students who have donated organs and think to donate are rather low. Medical students’ attitude towards organ donation was more positive than the law students.


Faculty, medical; Law faculty; Student; Tissue and organ procurement; Transplantation; Attitudes

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