Human Split-Thickness Skin Allograft from Brain-Dead Donors

A Khodadadi, O Olang, A Makhlough, B Nozary Heshmati, F Azmoudeh Ardalan, SA Tavakoli


Background: Looking for an appropriate skin substitute for temporary and permanent coverage of wounds remains one of the main obstacles of medical researchers.

Objective: To investigate the rate of inflammation, symbiosis, and survival of grafted allograft skin from brain-dead donors (BDDs) in rabbits.

Methods: After receiving negative serologic tests of BDDs, we prepared partial thickness skin grafts. They were then used in treating wounds of 5 rabbits in comparison with split-thickness skins taken from cardiac dead donors.

Results: On histopathological examinations, we found no difference between the skins. All samples were separated from the baseline in 15–20 days.

Conclusion: Gamma-irradiated freeze-dried human split-thickness skin taken from BDDs is safe and can be used for the treatment of deep skin burns.


Inflammation; Symbiosis; Survival; Graft; Graft rejection; Biological dressings

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