Acute Hepatic Allograft Rejection in Pediatric Recipients: Independent Factors

SM Dehghani, I Shahramian, M Afshari, M Bahmanyar, M Ataollahi, A Sargazi


Background: Acute cellular rejection (ACR) has a reversible effect on graft and its survival.

Objective: To evaluate the relation between ACR and clinical factors in recipients of liver transplant allografts.

Methods: 47 consecutive liver recipients were retrospectively studied. Their data were extracted from records and analyzed.

Results: 38 (81%) of the 47 recipients experienced ACR during a 24-month follow-up. The rate of rejection was associated with none of the studied factors—recipient’s blood group, sex, age, familial history of disease, drugs and blood products received, type of donor, and Child score and class.

Conclusion: During a limited follow-up period, we did not find any association between ACR and suspected risk factors.


Graft rejection; Immunity, cellular; Liver transplantation; Pediatric

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