Association between IRF1 Gene Expression and Liver Enzymes in HBV-infected Liver Transplant Recipients with and without Experience of Rejection

S H Nabavizadeh, S Janfeshan, M H Karimi, A Eidi, R Yaghobi, A Afshari, B Geramizadeh, S A Malekhosseini, F Kafilzadeh


Background: Liver function indices and anti-viral immune regulatory markers can both improve graft outcomes, which lead to better post-transplantation management and increase the possibility of surveillance in liver transplant recipients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.

Objective: To determine the association between the interferon regulatory factor 1 (IRF1) mRNA levels and liver enzymes in HBV-infected liver transplant recipients with and without experience of rejection.

Methods: A total of 46 chronic HBV-infected patients who had undergone liver transplant surgery was divided into 2 groups of recipients “with rejection” and “without rejection.” Blood samples were collected form each patient on days 1, 4, and 7 post-transplantation. A SYBER GREEN real-time PCR was used to evaluate the expression level of IRF1 in liver recipients. Liver enzyme activities were also measured in all patients.

Results: The expression of IRF1 in the patients with rejection was up-regulated at all 3 follow-up days compared with those without rejection. The serum levels of ALT and AST were more than normal levels at 3 follow-up times in both study groups. Significant differences were found in IRF1 gene expression levels and also serum ALT levels between those with and without rejection after 7 days post-transplantation.

Conclusion: The IRF1 expression and serum ALT levels were increased significantly in patient with rejection compared to those without rejection. IRF1, an inflammatory factor, may also intensify induction of inflammatory pathways in engrafted liver and promote liver inflammation and injuries leading to liver enzymes elevation in patients with graft rejection.


IRF1; Liver trasnplantation; Hepatitis B virus; Liver enzyme

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