Comparison of the efficacy of tadalafil in three different groups: patients on hemodialysis, first kidney transplant recipients, and second kidney transplant recipients

Mehdi Dehghani, Amir-Hesam Alirezaei, Amir Javid, Nasrin Borumandnia, Majid Ali Asgari, Farshad Gholipour


BACKGROUND: The efficacy of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5Is) on the improvement of erectile dysfunction (ED) in second kidney transplant (KT) recipients has not been well investigated previously. 

OBJECTIVE: We aimed to compare the efficacy of tadalafil in three groups: hemodialysis (HD) patients, first KT recipients (KT1), and second KT recipients (KT2) with bilaterally ligated internal iliac arteries. 

METHODS: Age-matched men with erectile dysfunction were included in the study. Patients had been divided into three groups: HD, KT1, and KT2. The International Index of Erectile Function 15 (IIEF-15) was used to assess baseline erectile function. Tadalafil was administered in a dose-escalation method for three months. Patients were reevaluated by the questionnaire at 3 months. The mean score evolution was compared between the study groups by one-way ANOVA test. 

RESULTS: Total number of 106 patients in three groups was included in the final analysis. There was no significant difference between the study groups in terms of age, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and frequency of smoking, opium, or alcohol use. Tadalafil was safe and effective in all three groups. The mean IIEF score evolution in HD, KT1, and KT2 groups was 16.4 (58.7% increase from baseline), 19.3 (45.0% increase), and 20.4 (52.7% increase), respectively (p=0.66). 

CONCLUSIONS: Tadalafil is effective and safe in the management of ED after the second kidney transplantation where the internal iliac arteries are cut bilaterally. The response rate is similar to first kidney transplant recipients and hemodialysis patients.


PDE5 inhibitors, erectile dysfunction, kidney transplantation, dialysis

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