Perceptions of Health-Care Professionals on Presumed Consent in Formulation of Proper Organ Transplantation Regulatory System

Bikash Sah


Background: Treatment of an individual with organ failure in today's world is possible due to advancement in organ transplantation. However, organ transplantation is lagging in the absence of an adequate organ donation. Shortage of organs for transplantation is not only a challenge to the developing country like Nepal but also to the developed countries like USA and UK. Despite various efforts to increase the rate of organ donation, the problem continues. The reason for the failure to achieve success in organ donation is the direct dependency on a human being for it. Deciding on organ donation after death forces every human think for the incident like death which is a very difficult task, at least for the general public. Thus, transplantation for a general public cannot be imagined until a system is developed in which such active decision-making process can be avoided. Some countries have shifted while some are planning to shift from an informed consent system to a presumed consent system, a system in which an individual if does not make any decision during his/her lifetime then it is presumed that his/her organ can be removed for organ transplantation after his/her death. Objective: This research has been done to perceive the perception of health-care professionals of the tertiary care centre of eastern Nepal regarding the presumed consent system.  Methodology:  Purposive sampling of 221 among health care professionals (Faculties, Nursing In-charges, Lab- technicians, Radiology technicians) participated in the study. Results: Majority of the health-care professionals (90.5%) support for the use of a presumed consent system in Nepal and also agreed on considering the family opinion in the decision making for cadaveric organ donation.  Conclusion: Majority of healthcare professionals have shown their perception in the favor of presumed consent to support the increasing rate of organ donation.


Informed Consent; Organ Donation; Organ Transplantation; Presumed Consent

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