Safety and Adequacy of Percutaneous Biopsies in Pediatric Orthotopic Kidney Transplantation

EC Ip, RE Kirby, E Craig, FE Mackie, SE Kennedy, AR Rosenberg, G. Kainer, JE Frawley, KS Haghighi


Background: The gold standard for investigating the cause of renal graft dysfunction is renal biopsy. However, as this procedure is invasive and has inherent risks, its safety must be established.

Objective: To determine the safety of percutaneous renal biopsy in pediatric orthotopic renal transplantation.

Methods: Percutaneous renal biopsies performed on pediatric orthotopic renal transplants in a single center between 1987 and 2010 were studied. Biopsy specimen adequacy and post-procedure complications were reviewed by prospectively collected data.

Results: A total of 54 ultrasound “real-time” guided biopsies in 25 patients were performed. Minimum specimen adequacy was achieved in 98% of biopsy specimens. No major complications were identified; 6% of patients developed minor complications—e.g., grade 3 macroscopic hematuria that did not require intervention.

Conclusion: Percutaneous renal biopsies using “real-time” ultrasound guidance on pediatric orthotopic kidney transplants is safe.


Kidney transplantation; Biopsy; Safety; Pediatrics

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