Intra-operative Ultrasound-guided Thrombectomy and Thrombolysis for Post-operative Portal Vein Thrombosis in Living Liver Donors

O Abdelaziz, K Hosny, O Elmalt, S Emad-Eldin, A Hosny


There are few reports of portal vein thrombosis among living donor liver transplant donors and no published data on the management of this event. In this report, we present our experience in the diagnosis and management of this rare complication in two living donor liver transplantation donors who developed post-operative portal vein thrombosis. Both cases were successfully managed with intra-operative ultrasound-guided thrombectomy, vein patch venoplasty, and catheter-directed thrombolysis. The two donors are symptom-free two years after the event.


Living donor; Liver transplant; Postoperative complications; Venoplasty; Thrombectomy; Portal vein; Thrombolytic therapy

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