Human Tissue Processing and Transplantation in MESOT States: How to Promote?

A Heidary Rouchi, M Mahdavi-Mazdeh


Middle East, with more than 650 million inhabitants, has one the lowest mean donation rate in the world in the context of organ procurement from deceased donors with <2 per million population as actual deceased organ donation rate in 2014. Tissue processing and transplantation in this region are also restricted to a few countries among those representing Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation. Aiming to promote human tissue processing and transplantation in this region, as a life-enhancing therapeutic modality, we have to share our know-how and facilities in order so that the patients in different countries gain almost equal benefit of this vital procedure. To take different infrastructure of Middle Eastern countries into consideration and their plans to extend their activities, this intention will be come to the reality and materialized by primarily sharing the processed tissues among member states in a centralized manner and to offer processing services and banking to locally retrieved tissues.


Tissues; Human; Organ transplantation; Tissue and Organ Procurement; Tissue banks

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