Acute Appendicitis after Liver Transplantation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

SE Sheppard, HL Marecki, CM Psoinos, B Movahedi, MJ Furman, A Bozorgzadeh, PN Martins


Acute appendicitis is one of the most common etiologies for acute abdomen. However, fewer than 30 cases of acute appendicitis after liver transplantation have so far been reported in the literature. Previous case studies have concluded that acute appendicitis after liver transplantation may present differently than in non-immunosuppressed patients and thus may lead to more complications. Herein, we describe the fourth case of laparoscopic appendectomy in a 40-year-old female presenting with an acute abdomen, 10 years after orthotopic liver transplantation for autoimmune hepatitis. Additionally, we review the literature, and emphasize the importance for laparoscopic, rather than open appendectomy after liver transplantation. Overall, despite the small number of reported cases of appendicitis after orthotopic liver transplantation, we found the incidence and clinical presentation are similar to patients without liver transplantation. The etiologies for appendicitis in patients after liver transplantation may be different than in those not chronically immunosuppressed, with significantly less lymphoid hyperplasia and increased fecalith and cytomegaloviral infections. Preliminary results showed that laparoscopic appendectomy after liver transplantation results in decreased hospital stays and fewer complications.


Liver transplant; Appendicitis; Appendectomy; Laparoscopy; Abdomen, acute

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